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12th Jan 2021 Current Affairs Daily Dose

Current Affairs Daily Dose
1. Where has the ‘Bindu Sagar Cleanup Project’ inaugurated? 

a. Gujarat 
b. Andhra Pradesh 
c. Madhya Pradesh 
d. Odisha 

2. Which municipal corporation has launched ‘Thaila Bank’ due to continuously increasing pollution in the city? 

a. Pune 
b. Lucknow 
c. Jaipur 
d. None of these

3. Recently, the age limit of the candidates of Jammu and Kashmir Administrative Service Examination has been reduced from 37 to how many years?

 a. 34
b. 32 
c. 35 
d. None of these

3.Who has started an initiative called ‘Know your constitution’? 

a. NITI Aayog 
b. Finance Ministry 
c. Home Ministry 
d. Central Government

4. Recently passed away Turlapati Kutumba Rao was a famous? 

a. Author 
b. Journalist 
c. Singer 
d. None of these 

5. In which state India’s first fire park has been established?

a. Manipur 
b. Odisha 
c. Delhi 
d. None of these 

6. Recently in which state was the Cherry Blossom Mao Festival held?

 a. Assam 
b. Tripura 
c. Manipur 
d. None of these

7. Which state has decided to create a new Bagasara prant in Amreli district?

 a. Karnataka 
b. Gujarat 
c. Andhra Pradesh 
d. None of these 

9. Which country has announced a loan of Rs 2113 crore for India’s Covid relief efforts? 

a. France 
b. USA 
c. Japan 
d. None of these 

10. Which state has signed an agreement with the University of Cambridge to improve the English language proficiency of teachers? 

a. Odisha 
b. Andhra Pradesh 
c. Karnataka 
d. None of these 

11. Which IT company has tied up with Tel Aviv University for research in quantum computing?

a. Microsoft 
b. Infosys 
c. Wipro 
d. None of these 

12. Recently the Delhi government has announced the establishment of Konkani Academy, which is the official language of which state? 

a. Kerala 
b. Goa 
c. Karnataka 
d. None of these 

13. Which airline has recently deployed a robotic device to disinfect aircraft at Delhi airport? 

a. Spice Jet 
b. Go air 
c. Air India 
d. None of these 

14. Recently a high-powered committee has been formed under whose chairmanship to celebrate the 125th birth anniversary of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose? 

a. Ram Nath Kovind 
b. Narendra Modi 
c. Piyush Goyal 
d. None of these 

15. Where will India’s first indoor ski park be set up recently?

a. Mussoorie 
b. Leh 
c. Kufri 
d. None of these

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