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1st March 2021 Current Affairs Daily Dose

1st March 2021 Current Affairs Daily Dose
Current affairs

1. When is National Science Day celebrated? 
a. 27 February 
b. 26 February 
c. 28 February 
d. None of these 

2. Which state government has recently announced a ban on hookah bars? 
a. Assam 
b. Odisha 
c. Jharkhand 
d. None of these 

3. Recently there has been 19th Home Secretary level talks between India and which country? 
a. Libya 
b. Bangladesh 
c. Ethiopia 
d. None of these 

4. Who has flagged off the special train at Tanakpur-Delhi Junction? 
a. Ram Nath Kovind 
b. Narendra Modi 
c. Piyush Goyal 
d. None of these

5. Which state government has recently reduced the retirement age of contract employees by three years? 
a. Tripura 
b. Madhya Pradesh 
c. Nagaland 
d. None of these 

6. Which medal has been won by the Indian men’s skeet team at the Shotgun World Cup in Cairo, Egypt? 
a. Gold 
b. Bronze 
c. Silver 
d. None of these 

7. Recently in which district of Karnataka the foundation stone of ‘Toy manufacturing cluster’ has been laid? 
a. Bagalkot 
b. Kolar 
c. Koppal 
d. None of these 

8. Who has recently been selected for the Sahitya Akademi Fellowship? 
a. K Madhav Rao 
b. Velcheru Narayana Rao 
c. Bigamba Shane 
d. None of these

9. Recently in which state scientists have discovered a new species of Alpine plant? 
a. Haryana 
b. Arunahal Pradesh 
c. Maharashtra 
d. None of these 

10. Recently, Tarun Bajaj has been given additional charge of which department? 
a. Health Department 
b. Revenue Department 
c. Agriculture Department 
d. None of these 

11. Where is the centralised control room for Kumbh Mela has been set up? 
a. Roorkee 
b. Rishikesh 
c. Haridwar 
d. None of these 

12. Where did ISRO successfully test the ‘Amazonia-1’ satellite recently? 
a. Odisha 
b. Andhra Pradesh 
c. Maharashtra 
d. None of these 

13. Recently the Indian Air Force has gifted a legacy Alouette III helicopter to the Air Force of which country? 
a. Pakistan 
b. China 
c. Bangladesh 
d. None of these 

14. which state became the fourth state to include women squad in police? 
a. Gujarat 
b. Uttarakhand 
c. Maharashtra 
d. None of these 

15. Which Karnataka fast bowler has retired from cricket recently? 
a. R. Vinay Kumar 
b. Cheteshwar Singh 
c. Sandeep Kumar 
d. None of these

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