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Secret Study tips of Toppers to Score Highest in Exams

American researcher Peter Wayan found that when elite athletes like Hussein Bolt are in top speed they spend about 0.08 seconds in contact....

American researcher Peter Wayan found that when elite athletes like Hussein Bolt are in top speed they spend about 0.08 seconds in contact with the ground per stride and for an amateur athlete   that number is 0.12 seconds which also means that during that run at top speed Hussein bolt  is in air 60 of the time with no feet in contact with the ground and for an amateur   athlete that would be about 50 percent now elite athletes have shown time and again that   techniques are far more important than just robust random training and apart from the world famous   techniques that these athletes possess there are also some secret techniques that they use   to get themselves that one millisecond difference from their competitors similarly toppers have   these secret study tips to get that one percent difference from their competitors ...

So in today's article we are going to give you five secret study tips of toppers and number five will   surprise you and at the end of this article you're gonna get one bonus tip so let's get going...

Hello Guys! this is Zakir Ayoub and Welcome to Zakir Ayoub's Study Portal and today we're talking about those secret study tips of toppers and let's begin with secret number one.

Secret Number 1

Secret number one is first time right  now this is a very important secret of toppers by the way have you ever noticed how when you meet a   topper they seem to have this extreme clarity on certain concepts whereas all of us tend to be just   a little confused so the trick here is to get it right the first time when you learn the concept  now here's what i mean we have a number of different people who teach us it could be your class teacher your tuition teacher it could be a parent it could be an online resource it could be   an app you know whatever it is now when you're learning something for the first time make sure   that you learn it from the most reliable of these sources the source that makes the thing absolutely   clear to you because once something is clear in your mind then every single time you repeat   it and revise it it's just going to solidify and make that understanding even more clear. 

But once confusion sets in it takes a really really long time to get it out of your head ,so first time right is a super secret success tip of toppers 

Secret Number 2

Secret number two is sticky notes  no no no.!!! i don't mean that you stick all these colored sticky notes all over your house and make it look like sherlock holmes house what this technique means is stick to your own notes .

Now have you noticed just before an exam there is this frenzy of making phone calls and whatsapp   messages and saying hey can you give me your notes, can you scan them can i photocopy them can   you share them to me in a whatsapp group but have you noticed that your topper will never do that   they always stick to their own notes which also means that they make notes throughout   the year right from the beginning the first time they read something they make their own notes and every time they revise they go back and they made these little squigglies on it  and before an exam they pick up their own notes in their own handwriting and that makes their  brain totally understand everything all over again. So get out your color pencils and your notebooks and start making your notes today....

Secret Number 3

Secret number three a site before good night now do you have a friend who calls you up just before exams and says  hey i finished my entire syllabus today or hey i finished 10 chapters today and you're  like oh my god and have you ever noticed that a topper would never do something like this because a topper knows that memory is fickle and they know that spaced repetition is the key to good memorization but you're going to say hey i have so much to study and so many topics to cover ,where is the time to keep repeating what i studied before so here is the secret study tip to  a good quick revision and to make a habit of it just before you go to sleep at night pick up your notebook pick up that most important concept that you studied a couple of days ago and go over your nose for a few minutes maybe once or twice give it a quick reading, shut your notebook and go to sleep and while you're sleeping your subconscious brain will process all that information and when you wake up in the morning you will have a far better recollection...

Secret Number 4

Secret number four is pareto's principle. Now you know this that toppers don't necessarily have the most amount of knowledge but somehow they seem to be able to answer the questions on the exam really well so an economist Wilfredo Pareto coined this famous principle called the Paretos Principle which says that 80 percent of all outcomes typically come from about twenty percent of all actions and eighty percent of the questions on your paper will come from about twenty to thirty percent of your syllabus and toppers have a secret way of knowing what that twenty to thirty percent is no no no they don't have any spies in the education department but what they do is that they pick up these past papers maybe five year papers or seven year papers whatever you have access to  pick up the papers and analyze them and study which part of the syllabus are the examiners asking the biggest questions from and what style of questions is being asked you.

Know one big myth out here is that the toppers study for more number of hours than an average student. In fact the pareto's principle proves that you need to study smart and not hard and if you want some more scientific techniques on how to study smart and not hard then i'm going to drop a link for a   video for you and 

Secret Number 5

Secret study tip number five is called close your book. This one will surprise you. Do you know that the brain processes information better when it's taking a break. Now just imagine the brain is this little cup and you keep your book open all the time and you're reading all the time it's like you're stuffing bits into that cup and it's more like a storage tank rather than a processor. 

So once you shut your book and you go out into the fresh air maybe you take a walk maybe you want to play with your dog you want to strum an instrument or you just want to daydream that's the time when the processor really starts to work so let your brain chill a bit and see the   magic and now for the bonus tip the bonus tip is keep it funny honey you know the brain tends to remember things that are funny and humorous why does that happen because it increases alertness it makes it more interesting it reduces all the negative emotions of stress etc and it kind of becomes so easy to relate to.

So how about when you find something difficult relate that to a funny joke maybe or make an acronym that's humorous and that way you will enjoy your way to the top of the class.

So keep it funny honey and that's all from me for now i hope you enjoyed these   secret study tips and i wish you all the best for your exam God bless you and happy learning.....

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