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5000 Most important General Knowledge Questions for all Competitive Exams [PAGE-3]

Most Important General Knowledge Questions for all competative Exams are Below
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Subjects ' History, Geography, Economy, Polity, Sports, Science
5000 Most Important General Knowledge Questions

41.Folk painting 'Madhubani“ is famous in which state? 

42. Which is the tree requiring minimum water for its growth? 

43. Which post does the Constitution of India does not mention? 

44. Which country is the largest producer of Bauxite? 

45. Which Indian rulers was a contemporary of Akbar? 

46. How are Oxygen and ozone? 

47. From where did India introduce cultivation oftobacco tapioca' pineapple? 

48. When was the Reserve Bank of India taken over by the Govermment? 

49. Which is found on the westem coast of continents between 30° and 40° latitudes? 

50. Which school of paintings developed independently during the Mughal Period? 

51. In which is Foot and Mouth Disease found? 

52. Who decides the number of Judges in a High Court? 

53. What denotes the smallest temperature? 

54. In which latitudes largest quantities of bauxite is found? 

55. Which was the first English ship that came to India? 

56. Which tree, once very popular in social forestry, is now taken to be environmental hazard? 

57. Foot-and-Mouth disease in animals, a current epidemic in some parts of the world, By which is this caused? 

58. In which animal is respiration done by skin? 

59. The Ruhr-Westphalia region is a famous industrial region of which country? 

60. Which was the first newspaper to be published in India? 

Answer : 1. Bihar 2. Babul 3. The Deputy Prime Minister 4. Australia 5. Rani Durgawati 6. Allotropes 7. South America 8. 1948 9. Mediterranean Climate Region 10. The Bijapur School 11. Cattle 12. President 13. 1° on the Kelvin scale 14. Tropical latitudes 15. Red Dragon 16. Eucalyptus 17. Bacterium 18. Frog 19. Germany 20. Bengal Gazette 


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