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5000 Most important General Knowledge Questions for all Competitive Exams [PAGE-7]

Increase Your General Knowledge Questions & Answers Subjects ' History, Geography, Economy, Polity, Sports, Science
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Increase Your General Knowledge Questions & Answers
Subjects ' History, Geography, Economy, Polity, Sports, Science
5000 Most Important General Knowledge Questions

141. Who invented the BALLPOINT PEN? 
A. Biro Brothers 
B. Waterman Brothers 
C. Bicc Brothers 
D. Write Brothers 

142. In which decade was the first solid state integrated circuit demonstrated? 
A. 1950s 
B. 1960s 
C. 1970s 
D. 1980s 

143. What J. B. Dunlop invented? 
A. Pneumatic rubber tire 
B. Automobile wheel rim 
C. Rubber boot 
D. Model airplanes 

144. Which scientist discovered the radioactive element radium? 
A. Isaac Newton 
B. Albert Einstein 
C. Benjamin Franklin
D. Marie Curie 

145. When was barb wire patented? 
A. 1874 
B. 1840 
C. 1895 
D. 1900 

146. What is the name of the Caltech seismologist who invented the scale used to measure the magnitude of earthquakes? 
A. Charles Richter
B. Hiram Walker 
C. Giuseppe Mercalli 
D. Joshua Rumble 

147. What Galileo invented? 
A. Barometer 
B. Pendulum clock 
C. Microscope 
D. Thermometer 

148. This statesman, politician, scholar, inventor, and one of early presidents of USA invented the swivel chair, the spherical sundial, the moldboard plow, and the cipher wheel. 
A. George Washington 
B. Alexander Hamilton 
C. John Adams 
D. Thomas Jefferson 

149. What James Watt invented? 
A. Diving bell 
B. Steam boat 
C. Hot air balloon 
D. Rotary steam engine

150. Where is the village of Branston, after which the famous pickle is named? 
A. Yorkshire 
B. Lancashire 
C. Staffordshire 
D. Norfolk

151. Who invented Jet Engine? 
A. Sir Frank Whittle 
B. Gottlieb Daimler 
C. Roger Bacon 
D. Lewis E. Waterman

152. What invention caused many deaths while testing it? 
A. Dynamite 
B. Ladders 
C. Race cars 
D. Parachute 

153. Who invented Gunpowder? 
A. G. Ferdinand Von Zeppelin 
B. Sir Frank Whittle 
C. Roger Bacon 
D. Leo H Baekeland 

154. Until Victorian times, chocolate was thought of as a drink. When did the first chocolate bar appear? 
A. 1828 
B. 1831 
C. 1825 
D. There is no sure date 

155. In which decade was the telephone invented? 
A. 1850s 
B. 1860s 
C. 1870s 
D. 1880s 

156. Who perfected GENETIC ENGINEERING? 
A. Cohen & Boyer 
B. Hunt & Davids 
C. Sinclair & Roberts 
D. Jaysson & Simons 

157. What now-ubiquitous device was invented by Zenith engineer Eugene Polley in 1955?
A. Microwave oven 
B. Remote contro
D. Calculator 

158. What Benjamin Franklin invented? 
A. Bifocal spectacles 
B. Radio 
C. Barometer 
D. Hygrometer 

159. This part-time race car driver invented the bucket seat in 1969. Who was he?? 
A. Steve McQueen 
B. Harrison Frazier 
C. Paul Newman 
D. John Wayne 

160. What plaything was invented by Joe McVicker in 1956? 
A. Silly Putty 
B. Etch-A-Sketch 
C. Lite-Brite 
D. Play-Doh 

161. Who was the first American female to patent her invention, a method of weaving straw with silk? 
A. Marjorie Joyner 
B. Margaret Knight 
C. Amanda Jones 
D. Mary Kies 

162. Who invented Gramophone? 
A. Michael Faraday 
B. Fahrenheit 
C. Sir Alexander Graham Bell 
D. Thomas Alva Edison 

163. Who invented Internal Combustion Engine? 
A. Roger Bacon 
B. Karl Benz 
C. Dr. Alan M. Turing 
D. Otto 

164. When was Monopoly created? 
A. 1940s 
B. 1930s 
C. 1920s 
D. 1950s


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