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AdSense Approval Checklist | Get AdSense Approval Quickly by Following 9 Steps

By following below steps you can get an AdSense approval on any of your blog. So read the following steps carefully and follow them exactly the way th
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AdSense Approval Checklist | Get AdSense Approval Quickly by Following 9 Steps

In this article we will tell you what is the best practice of AdSense and how you can get AdSense approval quickly. By following below steps you can get an AdSense approval on any of your blog. So read the following steps carefully and follow them exactly the way they are being said, If you still have some queries, try sending a message on our Instagram  

1. Buy a Top Level Domain

You should have a Top-Level Domain Like .com, .co, .org, .new, .in etc. Never use Free domains like .tk and avoid using .blogspot.com as it might take you months to get AdSense approval in .blogspot.com domain.

2. Write Unique and original content

You need to Post 20 Articles, each with length 1000 Words or more. Don’t copy any of the content from other sites ranked on google and try to be as unique and original as possible. Select any Niche of your choice which does not violates Google AdSense policies like try avoiding Copyrighted content and Phonographic Content. You do not have to copy articles, it is not okay at any cost, whatever you have, you have to post it on your blog, what will happen to it, Your website or blog will rank well in Google Search. You will have to post unique content Until you get the approval of the AdSense. After AdSense, you can copy if you want, but do not do so much, that your rank in the search engine will be reduced. 

4. Try to Avoid restricted content

You do not have to violate the policies of AdSense, you have to write the content which is appropriate, which is written in the AdSense policy, which content we have to post in the blog or website. You go here and read the AdSense policy thoroughly, what will happen from it, you will get an idea that what kind of content we will have to post.

5. Site required pages

Now Create pages Like Privacy Policy, About Us, Contact Us etc. First of all what you have to do is you have to create a page of about us, after that you have to create a page of contact us, after that you have to create a page of privacy policy, after that you have to create a page of terms and conditions okay so what will happen with it. The user who is there can get a good knowledge that why this website is made and what is its purpose, and what is the data that it collects from us, you have to make these page, it will benefit you and the AdSense approval will also be available soon.

6. Unreachable site

What happens in many cases is that AdSense sends an email and shows that the your site is unreachable so what does it mean? It means that your site is not reachable knowing it doesn't actually exist you have given wrong URL. What  you do, many times you put WWW in front of your site URL. You don't have to put WWW Simply enter HTTPS://WEBSITE.COM and this error will not be shown.

7. Site navigation

This means that user should easily navigate on site. It should be easy to see which thing is where and where should I go. It should not happen that a user gets lost where I have to go. The site should be good or the content which is there should be seen well, it should be seen well so that I go where I want to go..

8. Google search console

Add your site to Google Webmaster tool and Manually index all of your Links to get them indexed in just 5-Mins. If you have not created your account in Google Search Console then you should first go there and create an account there, well it it will help in ranking, it will quickly index your content from the URLs. 

9. Cookie Consent

Every website or blog uses cookies. Cookies are a small piece of text that is stored in the browser. You also need to create a cookie policy page on the site. The cookies are stored so that your website can be loaded quickly if I have opened your website once then second time it is loaded quickly it will go ok. you have make cookie consent popup to inform users that we use cookies in our site and definitely it will help your site to get approved from AdSense.

FAQs for Google AdSense approval process

What happens with many bloggers, after applying adsense, many questions comes in their mind. Here is some frequently asked question regarding AdSense approval process. You may find your answer from it, or asked your query in comment section; it may help other users too.

1. How to apply for Google AdSense?

Apply for AdSense account is simple and quick process. Before you sign up for AdSense, you may like to check eligibility requirements for AdSense account here at AdSense Help support page. Following are quick steps for new site AdSense apply.

2. What is AdSense review and approval waiting time?

AdSense account activation process begins once you submit application form. This usually takes less than a day, but in some cases can take a bit longer.

3. What is AdSense minimum traffic requirement?

AdSense approval mostly given, based on site content and content quality. So, if your site have good 15 to 20 informative articles, your site have chance to get approved.

4. How many posts are required to get AdSense approval?

There is no hard rule for no. of post. Average 15-20 descriptive well written posts with unique and original content suggested for getting AdSense approval.

5. Helpful references

AdSense approval best practices: Video Link
Activate your AdSense account: Video Link

NOTE : You can use both WordPress and Blogger for blog as it hardly matters

For some rare cases (5 %) You will still receive disapproval from AdSense, don’t worry, try adding 5 more unique articles and reapply. You will get your AdSense for sure.

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