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5000 Most important General Knowledge Questions for all Competitive Exams [PAGE-10]

Increase Your General Knowledge Questions & Answers Subjects ' History, Geography, Economy, Polity, Sports, Science
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Increase Your General Knowledge Questions & Answers
Subjects ' History, Geography, Economy, Polity, Sports, Science
5000 Most Important General Knowledge Questions

205 Amarya Sen, the NRI Nobel laureate got the honor for which work?
... Poverty and famines
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206 Where did India made her debut in Olympic football?
... London in 1948
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207 Which plant is used for green manuring in India?
... Sunhemp
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208 Which city is known as the "Manchester of South India"?
... Coimbatore
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209 The Government of India has decided to declare river as National River"?
... Ganga
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210 What does the Preamble of our Constitution contain?
... The spirit of the Constitution
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211 Which energy of the electron at absolute zero is called?
... Fermi energy
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212 What is an essential attribute of inflation?
... Increase in prices
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213 Which city is known for silk wearing industry?
... Kanchepuram
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214 Which Rajputa king defeated Muhammad Ghori for the first time?
... Prithviraj III 
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215 Where were first Olympic Games held?
... 776 B.C
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216 What is the characteristic odor of garlic?
... A Sulphur compound
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217 The source of India sovereignty lies in which thing?
... Preamble to the Constitution
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218 What can be the maximum duration of totality for a solar eclipse?
... 7 minutes 40 seconds
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219 Which region of India was ruled by Sultan Zainul Abidin ?
... Kashmir
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220 Which is the vitamin that is most readily manufactured in our bodies?
... Vitamin D
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221 The celebrated novel The Godfather" was authored by which author?
... Mario Puzo
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222 What is the best means of saving during inflation?
... Money
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223 What is the total surface area of earth?
... 510 million sq km
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224 Sirajuddaulah was defeated by Lord Clive in which battle?
... Plassey
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