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Download Economics 2nd Semester Free PDF Notes

Principles of Microeconomics-II
Download Economics 2nd Semester Free PDF Notes Download Economics 2nd Semester Free PDF Notes

Course Title: Principles of Microeconomics-II
Unit I: Market Structure (15 Hours)
  • Market Structure: Perfect and Imperfect Markets; Perfect Competition- Characteristics;
  • Demand and Revenue; Equilibrium of the firm in Short-run and long-run under Identical and
  • Differential cost conditions; Supply Curve of the Firm and the Industry; Short-run and Longrun Industry Equilibrium.
Unit II: Imperfect Competition I (15 Hours)
  • Monopoly- Concept and types; Characteristics; Demand and Revenue under Monopoly; Shortrun and Long-run Equilibrium under Monopoly; Economic costs of Monopoly; Deadweight loss;
  • Price Discrimination- Concept.
Unit III: Imperfect Competition II (15 Hours)
  1. Monopolistic Competition- Concept and Characteristics; Short-run & Long-run Equilibrium
  2. under Monopolistic Competition; Oligopoly- Concept and Characteristics; Duopoly- Concept
  3. Characteristics and Equilibrium.
Unit IV: Income Distribution and Factor Pricing (15 Hours)
  • Distribution- Concept; Marginal Productivity Theory of Distribution; Wages- Modern Theory
  • of Wages; Wage Differentials; Rent- Ricardian Theory of Rent; Profit- Innovation Theory;
  • Interest- Keynesian Theory

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