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Important MCQ's of General English for BA 1st Semester Kashmir University

Important MCQ's of General English for BA 1st Semester Kashmir University

Important MCQ's of General English for BA 1st Semester Kashmir University

1 "The New Hangman" is from which collection

A) Essay

B) short story

C) play

D) none of the above

2) "The New Hangman" is written by

A) Laurence Housman

B) George Bernard

C) Anton Chekov

D) David

3) Laurence Housman was born at Bromsgrove on 18th july in

A) 1862

B) 1865

C) 1867

D) 1869

4) Laurence has supported  to Feminism 

A) True

B) False 

5) Laurence Housman's first play was

A) werewolf

B) Glory Jane

C) Bethlehem

D) None of the above

6) Laurence's autobiography named as " The Unexpected Years"

A) True

B) False

7) " Goblin Market, The blue Moon, The sensitive Plant" are works of which Author

A) W B Yeats

B) William Blake

C) Laurence Housman

D) None of the above

8) "The new hangman" is criticizing death penalty

A) True

B) False

9) New Hangman refuses to hang the prisoner Because

A) Hanging person is inhuman

B) Sometimes prisoners are innocent

C) Unjust to give a man the duty of hanging

D) All of the above

10) At the beginning of the Play, who was speaking on the phone

A) 1st warder

B) 2nd Warder

C) New Hangman

D) None of the above

11) The New Hangman has worked as an assistant hangman for

A) 2 Years

B) 4 Years

C) 5 Years

D) 6 Years

12) What was Hangman's Reply when the governor asked him why he took the job if he did not want to hang a prison

A) To save one's life

B) For Money

C) Both A & B

D) None of the above

13) At the end of the Play, Hangman become Hero in the eyes of crowd people stand outside. 

A) True

B) False


14) "Wings of Fire" is an autobiography of

A) C. V Rahman

B) APJ Abdul Kalam

C) N K Roman

D) W B Yeast

15) "Wings of Fire"  is the autobiography" of APJ Abdul Kalam written by  APJ Abdul Kalam himself and Arun Tiwari in 1999

A) True

B) False

16) "Wings of Fire " Covers the life of APJ Abdul kalam before his presidential

A) True

B) False

17) "My Journey: Transforming Dreams into Action" Is another autobiography of _____________ Published in 2013.

A) Laurence Housman

B) Anton Chekhov

C) George Bernard

D) APJ Abdul kalam

18 ) APJ Abdul Kalam is also known as "the missile man of india"


B) False

18 ) APJ Abdul Kalam joined the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) IN





19) APJ Kalam received Bharat Ratna award in


B) 1996

C) 1997

D) 1995

20) APJ Abdul kalam received Padma Bhushan & Padma Vibhushan In________ &________ respectively

A) 1981,1997

B) 1990,1981

C) 1981,1990

D) 1990,1997

21) Dr. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul kalam Became__________ president of India

A) 9th

B) 10th

C) 11th

D) 12th

22) Vikram Sarabhai Space Center was established during APJ Abdul kalam. 

A) True

B) False

23) India's First And indigenous missile, hovercraft, Nuclear-strice missile, has big contribution of APJ Abdul kalam. 

A) True

B) False

24) APJ Abdul kalam was born at Rameswaram Dhanushkodi in

A) Punjab

B) Delhi

C) Tamil Nadu

D) Mumbai

                  Short Stories

25) "Lottery" is from which collection

a) Essay

b) Short story

C) Play

D) Poetry

26) "Lottery" a short story has been written by

A)Munshi premchand

B) George Bernard

C) William blake

D) Aga shahid Ali

27) Munshi premchand was born on _____________ in Lamhi Varanasi. 

A) 31 july 1880

B) 30 june 1880

C)  31July 1885

D) 4 August 1880

28) The First pen name of Munshi Premchand ( before Munshi Premchand) was

A) Rai Nawab

B) Nawab Samrat

C) Nawab Rai

D) None of the above

29) Munshi premchand's first collection of Five stories "Soz-e  watan" published in 

A) 1940

B) 1909

C) 1957

D) 1965

27) Munshi Premchand an Indian writer is consider as the writer of __________ century

A) 18th

B) 19th

C) 20th 

D) None of the above

28) Gilli-danda, Dudh ka Daam, kafan, Eidgah, are the collection of which Author

A) Shahid Ali

B) Sohail Azimabadi

C) Ali Abbas Husaini

D) None of the above

28) Munshi premchand  was __________ by profession

A) Layer

B) Teacher

C) Doctor

D) None of the above

29 ) Manchi Premchand' stories was basically based on Social message

A) True

B) False

29) "Lottery" a short story has adopted into play format (Theatrical) by 

A) Lalit Parimoo's Natsamaj theatre group

B) Mujeeb Knan's Ideal Drama

C) Entertainment Academy

D) All of the above

30) The worth price of the lottery  was ______( in indian rupee)

A) 5 lakhs

B) 8 lakhs

C)10 lakhs

D) 12 lakhs

32) The price of the lottery ticket was

A) Rs 5

B) Rs 10

C) Rs 15

D) Rs 12

33) what did the school teacher decide to do with the money if he win the lottery. 

A) To save the money for future life

B) Go to world tour

C) Help the poor

D) None of the above

33) What did Vikram decided to do with the lottery money if he won? 

A) To go for world tour for pursuing different knowledge

B) To establish a public Library

C) To save the money for future life

D) Both A & B

34) The school teacher and His Friends Vikram purchased the lottery together because they did not have enough money to buy the ticket Separately. 

A) True

B) False

35) The school teacher felt insecurity about the lottery due to

A) winning the lottery

B) Have not signed Agreement with Vikram

C) Both A & B

D) Other reason

36) Who was Jhakkar Babu in the story of 'Lottery'

A) Family member of Vikram

B) A man who grants wishes 

C) vikaram's neighbor

D) None of the above

37) How did Jhakkar Babu grants wishes to people

A) By using some words

B) By using his stick

C) Throwing Rocks at the people

D) None of the above

38) Why did Prakash ( Vikram's brother) had some injuries on his head

A) Fell down from a floor

B) Due to Jakkha Babu's wish Techniques

C) have fighted with a person

D) None of the above

39) who  won the lottery at the end of the story

A) Vikram & the school Teacher

B) Prakash

C) Bada Thakur sahib

D) An African man

40) "The Bet", a short story has been written by

a) Anton chekhov

B) Munshi Premchand

C) William blake

D) None of the above

41) Anton Chekhov Russian writer born in

A) 1856

B) 1860

C) 1862

D) 1865

42) "The Bet", a short story published in 

A) 1889

B) 1892

C) 1894

D) 1897

43)"The bet", a short story is about death penalty and imprisonment

A) True

B) false

44) Who believed that the death capital Punishment is More humane than life imprisonment

A) Banker

B) Lawyer

C) Business man

D) Banker's friend

45) who believed that the death penalty is more inhumane than life imprisonment.

A) Banker

B) Lawyer

C) Bankers friend

D) Business man

46 ) Who spend 15 years in a prison

A) Banker

B) Lawyer

C) Banker's friend

D) Business man

47) The bet price consists of

a) 1 million rubles

b) 2 million rubles

C)2 million dollars

d) 1 million dollars

48) How did the lawyer spend 15 years in the prison

A) By using  writing

B) Reading books 

C) Playing piano

D) All of the above

49) Banker decided to kill the lawyer before 1 day left to 15th year due to the Bet money 

A) True

B) False

50) Why did the banker change his plan to kill the lawyer at the end.

A) Due to learnt  the latter

B) To maintain his promise

C) Have arranged Other plan.

D) None of the above

51) Why did the lawyer choose to run away before 5 hour left to 15th year.

A) He did not want money

B) He realise the value of money is nothing

C) Both A & B

D) None of the above


52) Who is considered as the earliest Romantic poet

A) William Wordsworth

B) William Blake

C) George Bernard

D) W  B Yeats

53)  "The chimney Sweeper" Is a poem has been written by

A) Agah Shahid Ali

B) W B Yeats

C) William Blake

D) None of the above

54) William Blake an English Poet  was born on  27 November in

A) 1757

B) 1747

C) 1764

D) 1754

55) "The song of innocence(1789), Songs of Experience(1794),  vision of the Daughters of Aibion(1793), First Book of Urizen(1794)" such  poetry belongs to

A) W B Yeats

B) William Wordsworth

C) William Blake

D) None of the above

56) The poem "The Chimney Sweeper" has been taken from Which William Blake's anthology 

A) "Songs of Innocence ( 1789) 

B) Songs of Experience (1974) 

C) Songs of  street. 

D) None of the above. 

57) The poem Describes the condition of Chimmey sweeper Children Who were either Poor or orphan

A) True

B) False

58) "Post card from Kashmir"  by

A) William Blake

B) W B Yeats.

C) Agha Shahid Ali

D) William Wordsworth

59) The poem " Post card from  Kashmir" Discribes the love of the poet towards his mother land( Kashmir) 

A) True

B) False

60) The poet used "Kashmir Shrinks into mailbox" In the poem , here 'Shrinks' refers

A) Love towards Kashmir

B) No longer lives in Kashmir

C) deep feeling

D) Both A & C

61) "My home a neat four by six inches " Here "neat" is used to emphasis his home in his mind being neat

A) True

B) False

62) "The Dacca Gauzes" Is a poem written by Agha Shahid Ali

A) True

B) False

63) Agha Shahid Ali's poem "The Dacca Gauzes" refers to 

A) Pet

B) Cloth

C) A house

D) None of the above

64) "Dacca" was also the name of which British City

A) Delhi

B) Punjab

C) Dakha

D) None of the above. 

65)Who does the poet remember  wearing a sari in the poem "The Dacca Gauzes"

A) Mother

B) Grandmother

C) Sister

D) None of the above

67) When was the poem ' A pray for my Daughter' written by W B Yeats

A) After French Revolution

B) After World War ll

C) World War l

D) None of the above

68) W. B Yeats was an ______________Poet

A) English

B) American

C) Scottish

D) Irish 

 "All the above content, have been made with respect to the G. English Material or text. We Recommend you to check your G. English if any error found and contact us so that we will update it."

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