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How to Overcome Google AdSense Ad Restrictions 100% Successful

In my experience there are two notifications that identify the cause of ad serving, namely low traffic and invalid traffic.
Overcoming AdSense Ad Restrictions 100% Successful
How to Overcome Google AdSense Ad Restrictions 100% Successful

Lately, there have been a lot of people who have been hit by notifications of restricted AdSense ad serving, one of which is the school's blog that I manage. In general, those who receive ad restriction notifications are caused by two things, what are these two things?

Two Things That Cause Restrictions on Google AdSense Ads

In my experience there are two notifications that identify the cause of ad serving, namely low traffic and invalid traffic.  However, of the two things, the most urgent is because the traffic is still small.

This little traffic problem makes no ad impressions and even no clicks on the ads, causing CPC / CPC and CTR to be 0. The cause of small traffic is due to infrequently updating articles so that Google can't crawl blogs regularly. So how to overcome the causes of these two things?

Overcoming Google AdSense Ad Serving Restrictions

Of the two causes of the problem, of course, can be overcome in various ways. For a little traffic,  of course, you have to frequently update your blog articles at least one article a day. Besides that, every time you make an article, make sure you don't forget to index your article into webmaster tools so that search engines can directly browse your blog.

Therefore, before you register for Google AdSense, build your blog first so that the blog has good traffic. Don't be in a hurry to register your blog with Google AdSense, in addition to not giving up hope because of the rejection notification, so that you are not disappointed with your income which is always small.

As for overcoming the problem of invalid traffic or invalid traffic, it  is to avoid tricks that can trap visitors to click on your ad or check your ad placements that might cause wrong clicks. If you are still confused about ad placement, you can work around this by using auto ads only, so that Google determines the ad placement.

From the notification of ad serving restrictions on google AdSense, actually the AdSense account can still be fully accessed as if it was suspended , not banned . Therefore, hurry up to fix it to avoid a greater risk.

Overcoming AdSense Ad Restrictions 100% Successful

From my experience, more or less last September one of my AdSense accounts was hit by ad restrictions because at that time I changed the blog template. However, from the description of advertising restrictions due to invalid traffic .

So what do I do to get back to normal?

Actually, since last September it has been subject to advertising restrictions, but I will leave it until this December. Finally I tried the trick that has been spread by blogger friends in the Indonesian blogger group and the result is 100% successful.

It only takes about 2 weeks, the ad restriction notification no longer exists. How?, see the following explanation.

First, when you are exposed to advertising restrictions, it would be nice if your blog was linked with google analytics  so that google can index your blog's performance. The way you can go to the Account / Account menu - Access and authorization - select Google analytics integration

Second, after you have done the first method, the next way is to remove all ad code on your blog. All without exception.

Third,  update articles or create and post new articles. According to other bloggers, when we are exposed to advertising restrictions, we have to update articles regularly to increase organic visitors, it even needs to reach 1000's, but from my experiments it turns out that sometimes it doesn't apply either.

My statement is proven by the results of the experiments I did. I only updated the article once and the visitors were still less than 1000's, even only reaching tens (30 - 90's).

Fourth,  just wait until the ad restriction notification has disappeared. If it's gone you can link ads and add ad code to your blog. Maybe it could be that the ad is still not showing because it takes a process of more or less a few minutes, it could even take a few days to be able to re-air.

"Keep in mind there is one thing you need to pay attention to, namely look at your adsense account, is there a link marked in red?, if so, just delete the link so that ad restrictions are easy to overcome"


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