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Why Snapchat is not Working in Jammu and Kashmir?

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Why Snapchat is not Working

User reports indicate possible problems at Snapchat

From Last two or three days Snapchat is not working properly in Kashmir. Following errors are occuring while using Snapchat

  1. Login Error
  2. Snaps Failed To send
  3. Spotlight Error
  4. Chnaging Password Error

What Should We Do?

There are Some possible reasons?

  1. Server Error
  2. May be banned in your area!
  3. Your Account is restricted!

Previous Error occured?

April 27, 2017, On Wednesday, the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir suddenly imposed a month-long block on 22 social media and instant messaging services for citizens living in the conflict-ridden Kashmir Valley. These include Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Skype, Pinterest, Telegram, and Reddit, among others, some of which locals rely on for day-to-day communication. This is just the latest internet shutdown in a region where the local government has throttled or blocked internet access dozens of times the past five years.

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