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Evaluation Result Instructions in Kashmir University Website

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What is Evaluation Result in Kashmir University?

Evaluation is the structured interpretation and giving of meaning to predicted or actual impacts of proposals or results. It looks at original objectives, and at what is either predicted or what was accomplished and how it was accomplished. Evaluation Results means the results of the Preliminary Evaluation Work and Evaluation Studies.

How to check Evaluation Result in Kashmir University?
  1. Go to Kashmir University Official Website
  2. Click on Examination Tab
  3. Click on Evaluation Status in Links menu.
  4. Select Your Examination Just Like following.
  5. Enter Your Examination Roll Number and University registration Number and Finally click on Search.
Instruction For Evaluation Result in Kashmir University?
(A) Important Instructions
  1. Select the Exam for which you want to see evaluation marks
  2. Enter your Roll number, RegistrationNo in the respective text boxes and click Search
  3. If the Roll number is found the following details will be displayed.
    • Subject, Theory Marks details
    • Academic details
      Roll No, RegistrationNo,Name , Parentage
(B) Important Points
  1. This is not the result declaration, but the marks shown after evaluation. Marks are uploaded after your paper is evaluated.
  2. UFM stands for Unfair Means.However the final result of the candidates booked under Unfair Means (UFM) category will be subject to the decisions of the committee for scrutiny of unfair means and misconduct cases.
  3. STRAY Means Apeared for Examination in non allocated center.
  4. NA in marks column against any subject means either candidate is absent or evaulation has not yet been done to the said Subject. Wait till the same is evaluated or marked as Absent.
  5. ABSENT means Not appeared in the said paper.

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