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Certificate Terms and Conditions

Certification is Totally free,no cost is required but there are some CTC's  for getting certified from Share Study.

        First of all we want to made it clear that we don't sell certificates at any cost. We provide certificates for those Students who made highest score in any feild of Share Study. Also, it is not a guarantee that you will be certified by Share Study. Share Study automatically reviews the Scores Scored by a Student and his/her Behaviour towards Share Study ; did they support Share Study in any way, did they respect the admins, did they make some contributions for it, did they suggest some minor changes to it, etc.

Why Should We Get Certified :

Why should be certified from Share Study is the first question which comes in our mind. So the answer is in simple words..


First of all what is certificate? A certificate is a document containing a certified statement or A professional qualification that certifies a person's ability.

In other words it is the document of professional qualification in a particular field.In the same way when you exel with great performance in any field of Share Study you get rewards for Share Study one of them is Certification.We give many special rewards and Gifts to our Students for their excellence. By getting certified from Share Study first of all you will get good remarks from public, your excellence will be shown to the public through various means such as Facebook, Twitter, website, Instagram, LinkedIn, News, WhatsApp, YouTube, Posters, etc. We provide verified certificates which you will be able to view and print online anywhere and any time.

Steps For Getting Certified :

  • STUDENT REGISTRATION : This is the first and foremost step for getting certified from Share Study. You have to register yourself then you will be able to get certified. Registration provides us knowledge about a student and which field is feasible for him/her. Don't worry we don't SPAM, Your information will be kept private, no one can see your information and we don't sell at any cost. 
  • EXCELLENCE : Excellence is the second step you have to made. You should excel highest in a particular field. You should get 98% out of 100%.
  • BEHAVIOR : Behavior is the third step for getting certified. You should respect Share Study's Admins and Officials. One will be Decertified if he/she doesn't respect the admins and officials of Share Study, If he/she is already certified by Share Study. His/her certificate will be cancelled.
  • CONTRIBUTIONS : Contribution is the third step for getting certified. A student should give contributions for Share Study. Such as ; Sharing of content, spreading of knowledge about us,suggesting some changes to Share Study,etc. These contributions will be appreciable.
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