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A good discussion increases the dimensions of everyone who takes part.
Randolph Bourne

The aim of argument, or of discussion, should not be victory, but progress.
Joseph Joubert

Discussion is an exchange of knowledge; an argument an exchange of ignorance.
Robert Quillen

Discussion is important to learning in all disciplines because it helps students process information rather than simply receive it.

Do you participate in online discussions? Anyone who frequents blogs, forums, or other social feeds knows the power of online conversations—as long as they remain constructive, of course.

Why do you think it’s important for students to participate in online discussions? What are the benefits?
Written responses provide time to reflect and synthesize information before writing. This is a more complex process than speaking in class discussions and more effective for learning. The sheer act of having to write your response rather than say it is important.
Also, online conversations minimize the risk that someone will dominate the conversation. The people who talk more online may not necessarily be the same people that are talking in class.

One thing about online discussions is that students can’t hide. Either you say something or you don’t. Either your post is there or it’s not. And people have to respond to you.

Another nice part of online discussion is that it provides a record of the students’ thoughts, so a teacher can look back and see what the student understands and what she might not understand. You can’t do that in a discussion where people are just talking.

One study conducted by Robert Jorczak and the Online Learning Consortium showed that students who participated in online discussions performed better on course exams than students who only participated in class discussions. Other limited studies have shown that students actually learn better when they participate in a high quality discussion online.

In an online course, often students are working alone without interaction with others. But, I believe that online discussions foster a sense of community and connection between the teachers and the students and each other. As a result everyone talks to each other and students don’t feel alone. Online discussion fosters collaboration and higher order thinking skills that better prepare students for the type of work they’ll find in college and career.

Zakir Ayoub's Study Portal made their efforts to build a Discussion Room which will be helpful for every student,for every teacher and for every parent. Every student, parent or Teacher should join this Discussion Room as there are so many interesting features of this Discussion Room. So. Let's discuss some main and important features. You can also check our DTC's Page to know how it works and what should you do in this :

  • Ask Questions: This the first and foremost feature of Discussion Room. You can ask questions related to any catagory and anyone who knows the answer will answer in the discussion room.
  • Interface: A basic feature of group discussions is the interaction among the various members of the group. They see, hear and communicate with each other orally by paying attention to each other.
  • Give Suggestions: In the discussion room you can also give Suggestions to any particular problem. Good suggestions are welcomed.
  • Take Discussion at particular topic: you can also take discussions at any particular topic but the first should be completed or ended.
  • Criticize others: In Discussion Room you can aslo criticize others. As we know criticizes corrects the problems. 
  • Leadership : The leader has to summarize facts and information, integrate them, stimulate thinking and agree to a unanimous solution of the problem. The members of the group become actively related to each other in their respective roles.
  • Interpersonal Attraction: Another characteristic feature of a group discussion is interpersonal attraction. As long as interaction continues, the likes, dislikes, behavior and temperament of members are known to each other. Among them, empathy develops and as such they share each others problems.
  • Pressure to Conform: In a group discussion, there is always an element of pressure to conform to norms. The pre-defined and established standards are always enforced and followed.
  • Conflict: A conflict is a difference or disagreement among the members of the group, which often arise during deliberations and discussions. A conflict is inevitable and usually develops when alternative solutions are present. It can stimulate the members to find new solutions to the problem. Thus, conflict is not necessarily bad. But if it arises due to the political behavior of the members it will have dysfunctional consequences.
There are lot of features which you will know after joining this Discussion Room.

Before joining the Discussion room you should know it's DTC's Discussion Room Terms and Conditions. Anyone who violates our DTC'S will be removed and banned for life time,so please read these terms carefully.

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