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Discussion Terms and Conditions

Following are some of the major terms and conditions for Discussion. Please Read carefully.

Before participating in Discussion you must be Registered in Share Study. 

In Discussion room you can  :

  1. Ask Questions. 
  2. Give suggestions or query. 
  3. Clear doubts. 
  4. Make Discussion at any topic, etc. 
  5. Discussion is only available for registered students. One who have not registered yet in Can't access discussion Room and if he/she tried to access he/she may be given permission but they can see only and can't ask or do something in the room. 
  6. You should respect the admins of the discussion room. One who did against this will be removed and will be banned life time. 
  7. You should ask those questions which are relevant to study. 
  8. Also you can share Study Material ,Polls. But you can't embed Links.
  9. No one is allowed to take discussion on Political affairs, Religious matters, relationships, family matters, etc. 
  10. You should respect the other members of the Discussion Room. 
  11. You should be good in language. Bad language is prohibited in the discussion room and one will be removed and banned for life time if he/she did against this... 
  12. You should not say anything which goes against our privacy policy, disclaimer, terms and conditions
  13. It is illegal to steal password for discussion room and will pay legal action against that particular member. 
  14. The discussion is only through texts, messages, voice messages, conference voice call or video call... 
  15. No one is allowed to share the ideas outside discussion room. 
  16. No one is allowed to make unnecessary messages or voice notes in discussion room. 
  17. No one is allowed to disclose usernames of other members. 
  18. No one is allowed to send messages secretly to other members without his/her consent/permission. 
  19. There is a particular time for discussion room, no one should appear before the fixed time. 
  20. No one is allowed to send personal photos or videos, nudity, pornography,  harassment, etc. through photos, videos, files, messages and voice messages.. 
  21. If you feel any kind of misbehavior in the room immediately you should contact the admin of the discussion room and we will take an action against that... 

These were some major T&C's for discussion room. You should obey these terms and conditions at any cost. 

These T&C's were last updated on  Wed 23 June 2021.Should we amend it or make some changes in it. If it is please Click Here and share your valuable suggestions.... 

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