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One day a grandfather was advising his grandson who was going to join army he said son you got a job in the army but I have been worked in the army for a long time so I want to give you a suggestion would you follow my suggestion the boy said very politely why not grandfather definitely I will the old man said in the army job you would need to be have very patience many things you might not like but never lose patience this is the single advice I wanted to give you the boy said with the same politeness yes grandfather. I will keep remember your advice next day the old man thought he should again recalled his advice to his grandson so that it could be fit in his memory so he called his grandson and said tomorrow you are going to join your duty in army so do you remember my advice that in army job you would have to be patience his grandson said yes grandfather I know that next day when the grandson was packing his luggage to go to join the job his grandfather who was loving him very much could not stop himself because he had the experience of around forty years in the army and knew very well that many candidates create more problems for themselves only because of lack patience. 

So again he thought it would be reasonable to repeat his advice so he said to his grandson my dear son you should remember very well that while doing your duty in the army most important weapon for you would be your patience so never lose patience this time his grandson got frustrated and angrily spoke to his grandfather from three days you are repeating the same thing what’s wrong with you grandfather I know I would have to be patience his grandfather immediately said but you are not I said to keep patience but you lost your patience only in three times Patience is one the most important tool to achieve any kind of goal in life due to lack of patience many times the path towards our goal become un-smooth and things become complicated sometime having patience is so difficult because patience eats energy but the result of patience is surely sweet patience shows maturity and impatience is the trait of children it affects relationship a lot because nobody have patience to ignore the things what they don’t like but everybody want the things as per their likeness. 

So it's become difficult to make a good relationship a good team and thereby losing the advantage of synergy a saying is there one minute of patience ten years of peace the story also indicate if our elder say something repeatedly there is some meaning hidden because another saying is there what an old man can see from his small eyes of the village a suited booted young man of the city cannot see from his big eyes Thanks for watching and God bless


Once at a petrol pump in a small town, a black colored Mercedes-Benz stands off Now the boy who is pouring petrol there gets very excited by seeing that car It is as if there is no place for his happiness and he who owns that car goes out and put 2000 petrol in the car of the boy who is at the petrol pump 

Now that boy starts pouring petrol but he is fascinated by the car under him that he is only looking at the car and the owner of the car who asks to ask what are you thinking sir this is my Dream car I also want to work hard I too should be a big man and I too could buy this car for 1 day The man who understands the petrol pump boy then gives him a visiting card and says that my address on this It is written my address that time comes to my office I will teach business and I can. 

Iff you worked hard, then in a few years, you too go away from there with the same type of car purchase card That boy is looking at that card and then he is watching because some thoughts start coming into the mind He thinks Don't know what I'm going to do later Do not know what work he will tell. If he Did something with me nowadays, even on TV I do not know that these days stories are coming. Maybe I shouldn't go and he throws that card in the dustbin and he starts put petrol in the other car.

Now the same petrol pump after 3 years the same way one more Mercedes come But inside this time the owner is there was someone else, the owner walks out When the owner exits, put 2000 petrol, then when the owner exits that boy is looking at that car again But now the owner, he speaks, that 3 years ago a car stopped here in the same way.

He says yes I remember but how do you know he says that You will also remember that the the man gave you a visiting card I Absolutely remember, but I threw that card, then I used to do the cleaning at a petrol pump I pulled out the card from the dustbin and I didn't know. What did you think, but I thought that if I lost the opportunity I would probably never be able to become a successful man so I called on the number on that card. 

I met the gentleman who gave you that card and he taught me to do business and after 3 years I have become the owner of this car. I wish you too had no such doubt on this Opportunity 3 years ago and if you had met that owner and but you did not do that and are still here Here you should understand one thing that whenever an opportunity comes to us in life then we should understand opportunity once with an open mind Maybe that opportunity will change our lives but most people when the opportunity comes they start doubting themselves that maybe.

I will never be able to do this Probably is the one who kills most of the dreams After this, if you have an opportunity and a person tells you about a business, about some opportunity so for once If you understand with an open mind once and if you understand it, then you understand that opportunity will change your life. You can definitely share this video. 

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