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Content Placement

Share Study Website Offers Review Services. For those of you online business owners or advertisers who want to promote products or services, we as the manager of this site offer services for creating and viewing review articles for your business products and services.

The review article itself is an appropriate and quite effective way as a promotional and branding strategy, it is designed to introduce and attract potential customers whose target market can be very broad on the internet.

As we know that all internet users looking for products, services and other information always use search engines on the internet. For this reason, review articles can help you to provide information about your products and services in search engines so that there will be more opportunities for visitors to see and reach your products and services.

To fulfill that, we offer the creation and viewing of review articles with the following details.
  • Article topics: Essay Writing Service, Online Business, Blogging, Computers, Internet, Book Reviews.
  • Number of words: 600 words / article
  • Broadcast period: forever
  • Number of backlinks: a maximum of 2 (to the homepage, and posting pages)
  • The number of images is adjustable.
For the cost of creating and viewing review articles, we offer a fairly affordable price. You are free to choose whether the review article is written by the site manager with the topic or theme determined by you (the advertiser) or the content provided by you (the advertiser) yourself.

Price: USD $80 $50 /article (First Time advertiser)
Price: USD $72 $45 /article (10% Discount for 2nd time advertiser)

If you are interested in our review services, please contact the admin via Contact Form.
You can also contact me via:

That's information about Content Placement
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