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Ads Placement offers advertising services to increase visitors to the online business that you are building and the blog / website that you are managing, if you are interested just choose the slot that suits you.

The following are advertising rates on the blog, a blog that share Premium Quality ebooks for different regions users. and reviews services.

Reasons Why You Should Place Ads on Blog

  • Affordable prices.
  • 90% of visitors come from Google (organic visitors).
  • Very strategic ad placement.
  • Alexa rank is below 500K Global and local ranking (India) is already below 100K.
  • blog is fast loading.
  • Post updates every day (2 days late at most).
  • and much more.

Ad Size and Price

  • Leaderboard Banner - Size (970x90) - USD 50$ / 30 Days - Shown on the Homepage and all article posts.
  • Banner on the Sidebar - Size (300x250) - USD 40$ / 30 Days - Shown on the Homepage and all article posts.
  • Banner on the Sidebar - Size (125x125) - USD 30$ / 30 Days - Shown on the Homepage and all article posts.

Prices are subject to change at any time

Terms and Conditions

  • Ads do not contain SARA elements, are full of pornography, and are spaming.
  • Advertising materials are made by advertisers.
  • All forms of advertising material are entirely the responsibility of the advertiser, Admin is not responsible if there are problems with the advertising material in the future.
  • Ads will be displayed upon receipt of payment.
  • The duration of advertising is at least 1 month.
  • Payments that have been made cannot be refunded.
  • The admin has the right to reject advertisements that will be installed if there are elements mentioned in the first point.
  • Tariff, terms and conditions of advertising are subject to change at any time.
  • Image formats allowed are only GIF, JPEG, JPG and PNG.

How to Order Ad Slots

For those of you who are interested in placing a banner ad on this blog, please contact me via contact by sending the following data:
  • A brief description of the ad that you want to post.
  • Ad URLs and banners.
  • Ordered banner slot type and installation time.
  • Ads will be installed as soon as you complete the payment process.

You can also contact me via:

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