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Health Education

Why we dream?, Why are dreams so hard to remember?, Does dreaming affect sleep quality?

The conditions of the brain during sleep do not allow the dream to be transferred to long-term memory upon awakening.  In addition, a lack of the hor…

National Cancer Awareness Day 2021: History, importance and significance of this special day

National Cancer Awareness Day:  November 7, across the nation, is celebrated as National Cancer Awareness Day. Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan…

Preparing for fatherhood? A doctor answers on some FAQs

It's important to support your partner during pregnancy. An engaging and supportive partner can make the journey of pregnancy and childbirth smoo…

Know how breastfeeding can prevent heart diseases in women

Women who breastfeed more during their reproductive years are less likely to gain weight and build up fat around their abdomen or around the heart, a…
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