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Who was Zain-ul-Abidin/Bud Shah/Pad Shah and What was his contributions to Kashmir | Medieval Kashmir

Introduction to Zain-ul-Abidin/Bud Shah/Pad Shah Sultan Zain-ul-Abidin, (25 November 1395-5 April 1470) popularly called Bud Shah, Pad Shah , and t…

Introduction to Prominent/Important Sources of Sultanate Period/Delhi Sultanate | Medieval India

Introducation Indian Islamic inscriptions date from the last decade of the 12th century AD when Muhammad Ghori conquered Delhi and established his ki…

The History of Bathrooms in Modern Society : From a Necessary Evil to Luxury

Medieval latrines. Image Courtesy of Geopizza, used under "fair use" terms The bathrooms that we usually have in our homes are legacies of …

Who and when invented the first mobile phones?

There at least 4 persons and several historical dates that could be named while answering this question. In 1917, a Finnish inventor Eric Tigerstedt …

What was the deadliest pandemic in human history?

While the world is still struggling against Covid-19 that has already killed almost 5,4 million people, this pandemic is fortunately far from being t…

9th November 21 – What Happened Today In History? | On This Day

Today In History? Find out what happened on the 9th of November in History. There are a lot many happenings which had taken place on this date in the…
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